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Now Im 64

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Now I'm 64

Now I'm 64

I pondered on those days gone by
As I sat beside the mill
And gazed upon the setting sun
As it sank beneath the hill
I gazed on it once more, me boys
T'was the very sight I've seen
It's just the same now as it was
When we were sweet sixteen

    Oh, how I long for those bright days
    To come again once more
    But come again they never will
    For now I'm sixty four

The little fish swim in the brook
And wander down below
They swim on still and ever will
As they did long, long ago
The little meadow by the brook
Is just as fresh and green
It's just the same now as it was
When we were sweet sixteen

Oh, the past is past and she is gone
On earth we'll meet no more
But we will meet in heaven above
On that eternal shore
And when we meet we'll part no more
We both will reign supreme
No more to sing of days gone by
When we were sweet sixteen

From the collection of Andrew Draskoy,
traditional Newfoundland
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