Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
New York Trader

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The New York Trader

The New York Trader

To a New York trader I dld belong.
She was well built, both stout and strong,
Well rigged, well manned, well fit for sea,
Bound for Nem York in America.

Our cruel captain, you do understand,
Meant to starve us before we made the land;
At length our hunger grew very great,
We had but little on board to eat.

Being in necessity
All by our captain's cruelty,
Our captain in his cabin lay,
He dreamt a dream, those words did say:

"Prepare yourselves and ship's company,
For to-morrow night you must lie with me."
Our captain awoke in a terrible fright,
It being the first watch of that night.

Loud for the bos'n he did call,
And to him related his secret all.
"Captain," said he, "if this be so,
O let none of your ship's crew know,
But keep your secrets in your breast,
And pray to God to give you rest."

"There is one thing more I have to tell
When I in Waterford town did dwell,
I killed my master, a merchant there
All for the sake of his lady fair.

I killed my wife and children three
All through that cursed jealousy
And on my servant laid the blame
And hang-ed he was for the same."

Early next morning a storm did rise
Which caused the seamen much surprise
The sea broke over us fore and aft
Till scarce a man on the deck was left.

Then the bos'un he did declare
Our captain was a murderer
That so enraged all the ship's crew
They overboard the captain threw.

When this was done a calm was there
Our good light ship homeward did steer
The wind abated and calmed the sea
And we sailed safe to America.

And when we came to anchor there
Our good light ship for to repair
The people wondered much to see
What poor distressed shipwreck were we.

From Ballads and Sea Songs from Nova Scotia, Mackenzie
Collected from Peter Hines
DT #563
Laws K22
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