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New Song

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A New Song

A New Song
(Call'd the 79ths of (Cumberland's Victory over the Scotch Rebels at
Cullodon-Moor near Inverness. Made by a Soldier who was in the

You Subjects of Britain, now you may rejoice,
And pray for King George with heart and voice.
The Popish Pretender has now run away,
Just like his old Daddy no longer could stay.

The brave Duke of Cumberland he did command,
And happy was we that had such a Hand,
He greatly encouraged his Soldiers that Day,
And it was our care his Command to obey.

We followed the Rebels through dirt and through mire,
And for to come up with them was our desire;
At length we did wade through the fresh River Spey,
And when we come over they still run away.

We still advanced after them during four days,
Over mountains, through rivers, and many rough ways;
At length we came up with them near Inverness,
And there we quickly put them to distress.

They had thirteen Pieces of Cannon that Day,
Which quickly upon us began for to play;
Our Cannon we turned it, and levelled it so true,
We made all the Rebels begin to look blue.

They thought to come in upon Us sword in hand,
But as we was ordered, we firmly did stand;
We poured in our small Shot so, when they drew nigh,
That many fell dead, and the rest they did fly.

They was in such haste they their Cannon did leave,
And then the Pretender did weep and did grieve;
They left all their Baggage, their haste it was such,
And their Amunition, which grieved them much.

Our Light-horse and Dragoons they did closely pursue,
With Broad Swords and Pistols great numbers they slew,
The ground it was covered with wounded and slain;
So, Popish Pretender, thy hopes are in vain !

Three thousand that Day we laid dead on the ground,
Besides many skulking in Cabins we found;
And many deserted, their kale-yards to set,
Which put the Pretender into a great fret.

Although they had got an Assistance from France,
The brave Duke of Cumberland made them to dance,
He took many Prisoners, and blasted their hope,
For he was not commanded by General Cope.

To hang all the Rebels you have my consent,
Because with a good King they are not content;
The World it is come to a very bad Pass,
For they want to have Britain be ruled by an Ass.

Let each Loyal Subject then fill up a Glass,
And drink to King George and about let it pass;
And when your hand's in, let your Liquor not stand,
But fill up another to brave Cumberland.

For He's a Commander couragious and bold,
In following the Rebels he will not be controlled;
I wish he may always have Health and Success,
For such a Commander is a great Happiness.
Roxburghe Ballads, vi. 624.  Though it is said to be sung to the tune
of The Earl of Essex, neither of the tunes known by this name suits the
rhythm of the present ballad. TD
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