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New Slain Knight

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New Slain Knight

New Slain Knight

1 MY heart is lighter than the poll;
My folly made me glad,
As on my rambles I went out,
Near by a garden-side.

2 1 walked on, and farther on,
Love did my heart engage;
There I spied a well-faird maid,
Lay sleeping near a hedge.

3 Then I kissd her with my lips
And stroked her with my hand:
'Win up, win up, ye well-faird maid,
This day ye sleep oer lang.

4 'This dreary sight that I hae seen
Unto my heart gives pain;
At the south side o your father's garden,
I see a knight lies slain.'

5 'O what like was his hawk, his hawk?
Or what like was his hound?
And what like was the trusty brand
This new-slain knight had on? '

6 'His hawk and hound were from him gone,
His steed tied to a tree;
A bloody brand beneath his head,
And on the ground lies he.'

7 'O what like was his hose, his hose?
  And what like were his shoon?
And what like was the gay clothling
This new-slain knight had on?'

8 'His coat was of the red scarlet,
His waistcoat of the same;
His hose were of the bonny black,
And shoon laced with cordin.

9 'Bonny was his yellow hair,
For it was new combd down;'
Then, sighing said, said the lady fair,
'I combd it late yestreen.

10 'O wha will shoe my fu fair foot?
n in the wilderness asked me
Or wha will father my dear bairn,
Since my love's dead and gane? '

11 'O I will shoe your fu fair foot,
And I will glove your hand;
And I'11 be father to your bairn,
Since your love's dead and gane.'

12 'I winna, father my bairn,' she said,
'Upon an unkent man;
I'll father it on the King of Heaven,
Since my love's dead and gene.'

13 The knight he knackd his white fingers,
The lady tore her hair;
He's drawn the mask from off his face,
Says, Lady, mourn nae mair.

14 'For ye are mine, and I am thine,
I see your love is true;
And if I live and brook my life
Ye'se never hae cause to rue.'

Child #263
This is from Child, from Buchan
contains pieces of other ballads
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