Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
New Mown Hay

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The New Mown Hay

The New Mown Hay

As I strolled out one bright new morn,
All under the new mown hay, O,
I there did espy a fair pretty maid,
Under the new-mown hay, O, under the new-mown hay.

I asked of her could I lay her down
All under the new mown hay, O,
But the answer that she gave to me, was "Young man, leave me alone, O,
"Young man, leave me alone!"

"For there is a dew that is on the grass,
"Will spoil my cambric gown, O,
"And it cost my father into his purse, many a pound amd crown, O
"Many a pound and crown, O!"

He says, "There is a wind that blows from the north,
"Will blow the dew away, O!
"And I will lay my riding cloak,
"Under the new-mown hay, O, under the new-mown hay, O!"

O, if you come to my father's garden
It is walled all around, O,
There you can have my maidenhead, and thirteen thousand crowns, O,
Thirteen thousand crowns, O!

So he's gone down to her father's garden
That was walled all around, O,
But she gave him the slip, and she slipped inside, and she locked him out of
doors, O,
She locked him out of doors, O!"

"O there is a cock in my father's garden
"That never will tread the hens, O!
"He struts all day and he flaps his wings, and I think you're just like him, O!
"I think you're just like him!"

Child #112
Recorded by Martin Carthy (Skin & Bone)
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