Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
New Morning Dew

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The New Morning Dew

The New Morning Dew

To win the Irish voter is the in-thing now it seems,
     sing tooralooralooralooraloo,
And oft times in the White House Paddy figures in their schemes,.
     Sing tooralooralooralooraloo. .
To win this growing section you need Irish connections
And try to prove you're Irish through and through.
Sing tooralooraladdy, the whole world's turning Paddy,
     Sing tooralooralooralooraloo.

Now Nixon very lately in the White House over tea,
Said: "What was good enough for Kennedy is good enough for me,
I'll just go down to Ireland I'll have a good old scout around,
Relations there I'm sure to find a few.
And they'll all vote for a laddy with a paddy for a daddy",

But when he came to Dublin no relations could he find,
Though he looked at every gravestone from the front and from behind,
Ah but one said 'Here lies old Nick', said Nixon: "That'll do the trick."
He's Irish now as Hitler was a Jew.
If the Yanks believe his blarney, they must be bloody barmy,

Now Irish folk sessions around his desk are all the go,
While his men were bugging Watergate for songs they didn't know,
And the tapes he won't hand over with the words of "The Wild Rover",
"A Nation once again" and "The Foggy Dew",
If they only take the mickey, but you can't fool Tricky Dicky,

I have three questions to this song:
1. I do not know who has written it.
2. I do not know who has sung it (faint recollection: The Fureys had it
     in their life programme)
3. I doubt that the above title, under which I have filed it for obscure
     reasons, is the correct title. WH

(Tune: Nelson's Farewell)
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