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Nelsons Victory at Trafalgar

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Nelson's Victory at Trafalgar

Nelson's Victory at Trafalgar

We got ready for the battle
To face the daring foe.
Our ships were numbered twenty-seven
To shake the Spanish shore.
Lord Nelson on the poop stood high
And to his men he then did cry
"My lads we'll conquer them or die!"
Said brave Nelson.

He formed a line of battle,
He struck the fayal blow.
When some went into the air
And others sank below,
When victory was on his sidew
A fatal ball his life destroyed,
In the midst of glory he did die
Did brave Nelson.

To view the hero dying
He prayed for England's fame.
He prayed for Britain's glory
Till his last breath was drawn;
He said, " My lads, my glass is run
This day it is my setting sun
The victory I know is won,"
Said brave Nelson.

There was Collingwood and Hardy
They fought for ENgland's fame;
Collingwood in the Royal Sovreign
He well deserved the name.
Now Buonaparte will boast no more
Nor land upon our British shore
Unless he goes in London Tower
THough Nelson is no more.

From Ballads and Sea Songs from Nova Scoti, Mackenzie
Collected from Richard Hines
DT #549
Laws J17
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