Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Nat Goodwin

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Nat Goodwin

Nat Goodwin

In the little town of Wellsboro,
Take heed to what I say,
Close at dcath door a fair young wife
On a bed of sickness lay.

They took away her little babe,
And when for it she cried,
They told hcr at the break of day
The little one had died.

"Ah, bring to me its little form
Before it is laid to rest,
And let me kiss its little face
And press it to my breast."

Thcy paid no heed to what she said,
Her pleadings wcre in vain.
They laid it in its coffin,
And she never seen it again.

When she arose from that sick bed
Wifely dutics to perform,
These cruel words her husband said,
His voice it rang with scorn,

"I can no longcr live with you,
Your home is in the street."
And she was forccd out in the street
Employment for to seck.

Kind fortune smiled upon her
As she wandered forth alone;
She found with loving friends
A quiet and peaceful home;

She stayed with them for six long months
Until her sorrow healed,
And her husband came to see her
In the hamlct of Mansfield.

He asked her to withdraw thc charge
Of failing to provide
A happy home for his own lawful wife
And with him to reside.

He kissed her when they parted,
Calling her his darling wife,
But little did she think whcn next they met
He would take away her life.

But another came with eyes so blue
And stole the love away
Of him who promised to be true
Until the judgment day.

She fondled him with loving hands
The night he killed his wife;
Then stood upon the witness stand
And swore away his life.

"Are you guilty?" the judge did say
Before the case was tried.
"I am innocent, your honor,"
Young Goodwin did reply.

They found twelve true and honest men
And tried him for his life;
And Goodwin was found guilty
Of the murder of his wife.

From Ballads and Songs of Michigan, Gardner
Collected from Mrs. Charles Muchler, MI 1934
DT #770
Laws F15


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