Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Napoleon Bonaparte

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Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte

My name's Napoleon Bonaparte, I'm the conqueror of all nations,
I've banished German legions and sent Kings from their thrones.
I've banished Dukes and Earls and splendid congregations
But now I am transported to St Helena's shore.

My golden eagles were torn down by Wellington's allied armies,
O'er Russian hills through frost and snow I still my laurels wore.
But I severely felt the rod through meddling with the house oæ God,
Coin and golden images in thousands down I tore.

I stole Malta's Golden Gates and did the work oæ God's disgrace,
But if hell give me time and space to him back I will restore.
Some say the cause of my downfall was the parting of my consort,
but to wed the German's daughter did grieve my heart full sore.

But the female frame I ne'er shall blame for she ne'er did me á shame
And she saw me in battle flame and she did me adore.

 collected from Captain Tommy Flynn in Bangar N Wales (He was Irish) and
 as sung by Jim Mageean and Johnny Collins in their album 'Make the
 Rafters Roar' on the 'Sweet Folk All' label.

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