Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Naomi Wise

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Naomi Wise

Naomi Wise

Now come all you young people
And listen while I tell
About a maid they called Naomia Wise.
Her face was fair and beauteous;
She was loved by everyone.
In Randolph county now her body lies.

Naomia had a lover,
Young Lewis was his name;
Each evening he would hover by her side.
She learned to love and trust him
And she believed his word.
He told her she was soon to be his bride.

One summer night he met her
And took her for a ride.
She thought that she was going to be wed.
The came to old deep river,
And so the story goes.
"You've met your fatal doom." the villon said.

She begged him just to spear (spare her?)
The villion only laughed.
They say he was heartless cold.
And in the stream he threw her,
Below the old mill dam.
And sweet Naomia's smile was seen no more.

Next day they found her body
Go floating down the stream,
And all the people around for miles did cry,
Young Lewis left the country.
They brought him back again
But could not prove that he caused her to die.

They say that on his death bed
Young Lewis did confess.
He said that he had killed Naomia Wise.
And now they know her spirit
Still lingers round the place
To save young ones from some villion's lies.

From North Carolina Folklore, Brown
Collected from Miss Autie Hell Lambert.

note: this one sings to Little Old Log Cabin RG
DT #730
Laws F31
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