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Lumpy Tums

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Lumpy Tums

Lumpy Tums

                                   from the singing of David Jones

1. Potatoes are a windy meat
   Tripe and onions are a treat
   Pudding's good when stuffed with plums
   But let us have some lumpy tums.

From Barley we get home-brewed ale
from malt are whiskey comes
But from the oats in Staffordshire
Do come our lumpy tums

2. Would you your offspring render weak
   Feeding pap that's made of wheat?
   Suffer them not to suck their thumbs
   Give mother love and lumpy tums.
3. That breadknock man Jim Shaw who slew
   Ten valiant french at Waterloo
   His fateful one gave them their doom
   For he was raised on lumpty tums.

4. When I have reached my finite day
   Grant me that for which I pray
   I crave not wealth's uncounted sums
   But peace, and health and lumpy tums.

(david jones got the song from richard fewtrell[spell?)
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