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Loving Nancy 2

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Loving Nancy 2

Loving Nancy 2

I'm going to travel the wilderness through
Therefore, loving Nancy, I'll bid you adieu
I'm going to travel many a long mile
Therefore, loving Nancy, I'll leave you for a while

Down in New Alena, my boat I will steer
And the face of many pretty girls I see on the shore
But the face of a Spaniard I'd never adore
Go back to Kentucky, try Nancy once more

I wish I was a clerksman, could write a fine hand
I'd write my love a letter that she would understand
I'd send it on water that would never o'erflow
Go back to Kentucky, try Nancy once more

I wish I was a fishman down by the seaside
And Nancy was a salmon come floating on the tide
I'd throw my net around her and bring her to shore
Go back to Kentucky, try Nancy once more

Loving Nancy, loving Nancy, I have returned home
I always did love you and for your sake mourned
We're going to get married, I doubt for your sake
I threw my arms around her and felt her heart break

recorded by Sarah Ogan Gunning
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