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Long Tall Mama

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Long Tall Mama

Long Tall Mama
(Big Bill Broonzy)

I got a long tall mama, she stands about seven feet nine, (2x)
And when she get to lovin' holler "Papa won't you take your time."

Oh, when she start to lovin, she sure can do her stuff (2x)
And she squeeze me so tight, holler Mama Lordy, that's enough.

Got a brand new move, it's known as one that she calls her own,
Got a brand new movement, one that she calls her own,
And when she start to kissin' make a poor man leave his home.

And she do a little this, and mama, and she do a little that,
Son, she do a little this, mama Lord and she do a little that,
And when she put on full steam, make a freight train jump a track.

Said she's long and tall, and handsome, sweet as she can be. (2x)
To satisfy that woman takes more than a bumble bee.

This is a fast ragtime blues. GE
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