Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Little Manikin

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Little Manikin

Little Manikin

I got a little manikin, I set him on my thoomiken;
I saddled him, I bridled him, and sent him to the
I coffed a pair o' garters to tie his little hosiken;
I coffed a pocket-napkin to dight his little nosiken;
I sent him to the garden to fetch a pund o' sage,
And fand him in the kitchen neuk kissing little Madge!

I had a little lairdie
  That sat upo' my thoom,
I saddled 'im an' bridled 'im,
  An' had 'im to the toon.
I sent him to the garden
  To pu' a buss o' sage,
An' I got 'im in the kitchen,
  Kissin' little Mage.

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