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Little Cat

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Little Cat

Little Cat

Just look to the man who can if he will
The fox run the valley of the Tennessee hills

cho:      Well, the big cat spit in the little kitten's eye
     Little cat, little cat, don't you cry.
     I do love liqour and and we'll all take a dram;
     I'm gonna tell you, pretty Polly Ann.
     (Sometimes sung as "I'm goin' home with pretty Polly Ann"

Cows in the pasture,hogs in the pen
Sheep in the meadow and wheat in the bin.

Fruit in the cellar, cheese on the wall
Big sack of coffee and sugar in the gourd.

Horses in the stable, money in my pocket,
Baby in the cradle and a pretty girl to rock it.

(Not really a lot of cat content, but a great catchy tune. Actually could
serve as an all-purpose animal tune!) HK

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