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Lifes Trolley Ride

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Life's Trolley Ride

Life's Trolley Ride

                                        Jonathan Eberhart c. 1981

1. (And chorus)
   When you come to the end of your life's trolley ride,
   Just recall all the rails you have known.
   In the carbarn you'll find rest and sweet peace of mind--
   God's conductor won't strand you alone.

2. As a child at half-fare, when your seat you should share
   With a traveler foot-weary or old,
   You were earning your way on a route that would pay
   In a token more worthy than gold.

3. Put your fare in the hand of the Lord's motorman,
   And ride on toward the end of the line.
   The conductor will hear as your last stop draws near,
   And he'll warn you in plenty of time.
4. As the click of each tie marks the years passing by,
   Shun all sidings of hatred and crime.
   You'll transfer by and by to that route in the sky,
   Where the streetcars will all run on time.

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