Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Let the Lower Lights Be Burning

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Let the Lower Lights Be Burning

Let the Lower Lights Be Burning
(P.P. Bliss, the Broadman Hymnal, Nashville, Tenn. 1940)

1. Brightly beams our Father's mercy
     from his lighthouse evermore,
   But to us he gives the keeping
     of the lights along the shore.

     Let the lower lights be burning,
     Send a beam across the wave,
     Some poor aching, struggling seaman
     You may rescue, you may save.

2. Dark the night of sin has fallen
     loud the angry billows roar,
   Eager eyes are watching, longing,
     for the lights along the shore.
3. Trim your feeble lamps, my brothers,
     some poor sailor's tempest tossed,
  Trying now to make the harbor
     in the darkness may be lost.

from Sondra Stigen, heard Helen sing it, BP, Sweet Accord, etc.
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