Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Let the Bulgine Run

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Let the Bulgine Run

Let the Bulgine Run

O de worl' was made in 6 days & ended on de 7
 Ah, he, ah ho are you most done
 But accordin' to de contrac' it orter been 11
 So clear de track let de bulgine run

 Cho: To me hi-rig-a-jig & a low back car
 Ah, he! ah, ho! are you most done
 Hurrah, my boys & away we'll go
 So clear de track, let de bulgine run

 But de masons struck for wages, an dey would not work
 So dey come to conclusion dat dey fill him up wid dirt

 Now Adam was de firs' man an' Eve was de oder
 An' Cain he was a wicked man because he kill his brother

 O, way down in the garden in the garden where the apple hang low
 Ole Satan got de pull & de man had to go

 Young Joseph was de favorite an' eat his mush whole
 But his brudders sell his coat & dey put him in the hole

 Ole Moses lick de Pharaoh an drown him in de sea
 An de chillen come along dat land for to see

 Lil David was the boss when he finis up Goliah
 But he play it pooty low down on ole man Uriah

 You may talk about your yaller gals an round the corner Sallies
 Dey couldn't come to tea with the queens in the forests

 Daniel in de den done sleep all de night
 Never mind de lion nor de tiger not a mite

 Jonah was a hungry man cos he eat de whale
 He manage very well till he come to de tail

 Dat's all de fur dat de story goes
 So hurry up to heaven in yo' best suit of clothes

Whall claims this was taken from a Minstrel ditty. "The words & the tune of the
1st part were
 taken straight from the music hall, but the chorus was altered in tune & music.
 In the music hall
 version the chorus was":
"Walkee up, O walkee up, O walkee up, O way
 Walk into de parlour for to hear de banjo play"
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