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Last Time

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Last Time

Last Time

Momma made my uniform,
That I wore so gallantly
Papa gave me his battle flag
To carry to war with me

Jenny came to say goodbye
And she said she would wait for me
On my stallion I sat high
Leaving Tennessee

cho: This is the last time
     I'll see Jenny
     That's what the cottonwood
     Keeps saying to me
     'Cause the last time
     You'll see Jenny
     Will be the last time
     You'll see Tennessee

I took her by the hand
It was last September
My Jenny made that day
One I would remember
I promised to return
Soon after victory
Down the road I waved goodbye
Joining Robert E. Lee


I held her close to  me
As we lay by the river
And now I'll never to see
The baby I give her
Momma made my uniform
That I wore so gallantly
And Papa I'm sorry your flag
Is wrapped all around me

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