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Larry Grogan Notes

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Larry Grogan Notes

Larry Grogan Notes

   The 18th century Irish song usually mentioned in connection
with this tune is "The County Limerick Buck Hunt." There are
copies of this without music in <<The New Merry Companion>>,
London, c 1772, and in <<The Charms of Melody>>, Dublin, Sect. 2,
p. 8, 1776, where in both it is entitled "On the Buck Hunt In the
County of Limerick," with tune direction, "Larry Grogan." It also
appears as "The Limerick Buck Hunt" in <<The Charms of
Chearfullness>>, London, p. 81, 1781, with the same tune
direction. I have aways seen this as the tune direction, but
James N. Healy in <<The Second Book of Irish Ballads>> printed
the song, which he said was by a Pierce Creagh about 1735, and
gives a different tune, "Nac Mbaineann sin do". Another copy
without music is in the 45th issue, c 1802-3, of the periodically
issued <<The Charms of Melody, Dublin>>, c 1795 - 1810.

   The song "Larry Grogan" is much earlier than the songbooks in
which it is appears, <<The Charms of Chearfulness>>, p. 143,
London, 1781, a
1781. It is without music or tune direction in either, but the
title gives the tune. Note the fifth line, "We'll send for sweet
Larry, be merry, be merry." A song "Robin John Clarke" in <<A
Collection of Loyal Songs, Poems>>, 1750, has the tune direction,
"sweet Larry, be merry," undoubtably from our song. "Robin John
Clark" is printed from a manuscript, but with a different tune,
in J. Hogg's <<Jacobite Relics>>, I, p. 24, 1819.

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