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Knocka de Hanford Down

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Knocka de Hanford Down

Knocka de Hanford Down
(Dana Lyons)

Where the sage grows tall and wild
Where the salmon runs so strong
Where the coyote sings all through the night
In a land called Washington

Where a mighty rushing river
Tastes poison in the ground
And calls out to her people
Knocka de Hanford down

   Knocka de Hanford, knocka de Hanford
   Knocka de Hanford down
   Knocka de Hanford, knocka de Hanford
   Knocka de Hanford down

Well the arms race is a dragon
And he wears a metal coat
But the dragon has a weak spot
On the right side of his throat

You see the dragon needs plutonium
To get himself around
We're gonna hit him in the weak spot
When we knocka de Hanford down


Though the government seems giant
And the East Coast seems so strong
We will not sit quietly
And let them do us wrong

Every woman in the factory
Every man who tills the ground
Gonna each pick up a hammer
And knocka de Hanford down


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