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The Knave

The Knave

I gaed to the market
     As an honest women shou'd,
The knave followed me
     As ye ken a knave wou'd.

cho: And a knave has his knave tricks
     Aye where'er he be
     And I'll tell ye bye and bye
     How the knave guided me.

I boucht a pint ale
The knave drank it a'

I cam my ways hame
The knave followed me

I gied him cheese and bread
The knave ate it a'

I gaed to my bed
The knave followed me.

I happen'd to be wi bairn
The knave ran awa.

I paid the nourice fee
The knave got the widdie.

final chorus:
     And a knave has his knave tricks
     Aye where e'er he be
     And I've tamed ye now
     How the knave guided me.

Published in The Ballad Book, Kinloch, 1827
Note: Or, in WWII, A Gob is a Slob RG

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