Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Kings Request Must Be Obeyed

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The King's Request Must Be Obeyed

The King's Request Must Be Obeyed

 One day as I was walking and walking all alone
 I heard a young couple a making their moan
 Said the older one to the fonder one
 Bonnie lass I must away for the king he has commanded us
 And his orders I must obey

 Oh false thou are your promises when first you were my love
 To keep me ever at your side Though far you should roam
 Pity on me take do not me forsake for great is my awe(Love)*
 Through France and Spain Bonny Ireland along with you I'll go

 I fear the treacherous journey Bitter cold and burning heat
 Rough roads and stoney mountains they will wound your tender feet
 And to your kinsmen to you will prove untrue
 If from them you go for maids must bide at their parents side
 While men do fight the foe

 I fear no parents anger nor any daring foe
 Since I have resolved along with you to go
 Through rain and snow and through weir or woe
 I'll prove kind as you'll see
 While the drums do beat and the trumpets sound
 And the wars of high Germany

 repeat first verse

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