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King of Annwn

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King of Annwn

King of Annwn
(Paul Housfield)

If I can meet you halfway, would you meet me halfway, too
Because  I  am entering this forest not knowing I'm in search  of you
With your pale grey countenance and your dogs with ears of red
I'd be a fool if I did not know that you are the King of the Dead

When I entered in this forest and your quarry I did find
And I drove away those red eared hounds with a fool's unknowing mind
And now you say I must repay, what a price you ask of me
To draw my sword and with one blow to defeat your enemy

Ride on hero, leave the living alone
One year passes, then you'll return home

When I reach the gates of the land you rule, who will greet me,
     who will I see?
When I walk through those dark portals, will they know I am not thee?
Though your semblance now you give to me, deep within a cold fear breaks
Of a land the living never trod, only those your kingdom takes

Ride on hero, leave the living alone
One year passes, then you'll return home

There's a river in your kingdom, far away from living light
Where you tell me that in this body I must prepare myself for a fight
There's no arguing with destiny, or with the wheel of life and death
Is it truly me that I see taking Havgan's final breath?

Ride on hero, leave the living alone
one year passes, then you'll return home
Ride on hero, Annwyn's promise will protect your home.

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