Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
King James Against the Anti-Christians

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King James Against the Anti-Christians

King James Against the Anti-Christians

Psalme of thanksgiving for Englands most blessed deliverance from the most
horrible intended Powder-Treason praised by the Synagogue of Satan the Romish

Now may England
confesse and say truly
It that theLord
had not our cause maintained
If that the Lord
had not our right sustaind
When Antichrist
against us furioiusly
Made his proud bragg
and said we should all die

Not long agoe
they had devoured us all
And swallowed qauicke
for ought that we could deeme
Such was their rage
as we might well esteemd
And as the Aouds
with mighty force does fall
So had they then
our lives even brought to thrall

Our King and Queen
the Prince and Princely race
Their Counsell gave
and cheefe Nobility
The Learned judges
and tribe of Leni
With all the prudent
Statesmen of this land
By powder force
had perished out of hand

The raging streames
of Rome with roaring noise
Had with great woe
ore-whelmd us in the deepe
But blessed Lord
thou didst us safely keepe
From bloudy teeth
and their devouring jaws
Which as a prey
had griped us in their clawes

But as a bird
out of the Fowlers grin
Escapes away
right so it fared with us
Broke were their nets
and we have scaped thus
God that made heavn
and earth is our helpe then
His mercy saved us
from these wicked men

Oh let us therefore
with all thanks and praise
Sing joyfully
to christ our heavnly King
Whose wisdome high
thsi fact to light did bring
Grant them O Lord
we do the humbly pray
Wee may accord
to praise thy name alway

-Francis Herring(Trans Vicars,John)
from:Mischeefes Mysterie or Treasons Master Peece, The Powder-Plot
London, E. Griffin dwelling in the Liddle Olde Bayly neere the figure of the
Kings head,1617,London,DaCapo Press,Theatrum Orbis Terrarum Ltd.,
Amsterdam, New York, 1971,The English Experience no. 317, ISBN 90 221 0317x
(and now may God likewise deliver us from the Partys thundrous mess...and he
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