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Key of R

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The Key of "R"

The Key of "R"
(William Day)

 "I am a young folksinger, I've traveled far & near.
 I sing about the pain of life and other things I hold dear.
 And when I sing about all the agony I endure,
 I always sing in my favorite key..I sing in the key of 'R'.

 cho:     Oh, the Key of R is a wondrous key,
     That nobody else sings in but me.
     Some people think I'm sharp or flat,
     But the Key of R....just sounds like that.

 I sing about my Mother, and how her life was hard.
 She raised 12 kids and worked in the mines, and rendered her own lard.
 She sewed our clothes and slopped the hogs, and other things like that.
 And when I sing about her, I sing in the key of R..flat.


 I had a good 'ol hound-dog, his name, of course, was Blue,
 And we growed up together, when the world was fresh and new.
 But, ah, my friends, that old dog died...and no dog could be finer..
 And when I sing about old Blue, I sing in the key of R..flat..minor..


 I sing about America, the land where I was born.
 It's purple mountains, azure waves of grain and fields of corn.
 Her oceans and her deserts are a little bit of heaven,
 And when I sing of this land I love, I sing in the key of


 But mostly I sing of lost loves...and I seem to lose them all.
 The lovers who have left me, would fill a union hall.
 And the pain of unrequited love, it never seems to finish
 And when I sing about it, I sing in the key of


 And now my song is finished, and I hope you sang along,
 Bearing in mind that the notes we sang were never...ever...wrong.
 And though we ruined the meter, and we had to stretch for rhythme,
 We sang in the very best key of all, we sang in the key of
 R.. flat.. minor.. seventh.. diminished...with a suspended 9th."


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