Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Kenny Wagner

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Kenny Wagner

Kenny Wagner

It was down in Mississippi
Not many years ago,
A young man started out in life,
A life of sin and woe.
Now Kenny Wagner was his name,
A bandit bold and free;
He shot down Sheriff McIntosh
And fled to Tennessee.

He was captured up in Tennessee
And put into the jail.
He had no one to help him out,
No one to go his bail.
But Kenny broke the jail one night,
And he made his getaway.
He thought that he could go through life
And never have to pay.

It was out in Texarkana
Where Kenny met his fate.
A woman sheriff called his hand
And he pulled his gun too late.
He was taken back for trial
Right where the deed was done.
The judge to Kenny turned and said,
"No more you'll pull your gun."

For Kenny Wagner broke the law,
And he threw his life away
And right behind the prison bars
He'll sit till judgment day.
So, folks, take fair warning
And heed this kind advice:
Don't ever break the laws of God;
You'll always have to pay.

DT #778
Laws E7
From Hudson, Folksongs of Mississippi
Collected from John M Whitney of Vicksburg
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