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Kelley the Pirate III

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Kelley the Pirate III

Kelley the Pirate III

Admiral Kelly gave orders on the first of May
To cruise in the Channel for our enemy,
To protect our commerce from that daring foe,
And all our merchant-ships where they would go.

cho: Then it's O Britons, stand true,
     Stand true to your colours, stand true!

It was early one morning, by the wind we did lie,
A man from the masthead a sail he did spy.
"A sail! O a sail!" he loudly did cry,
"She is a large cutter and seems to lay by."

Our noble commander he pulled out his glass,
So did our lieutenant to see what she was.
Our captain stepped up and he viewed her all round,
Says, "That's Kelly the pirate, I'll bet fifty pound!"

"Don't you see that villain?" he cried, "Make sail!
We'll soon overtake him, my boys, I'll give bail.
Lay aloft, shake your reefs out, make everything clear,
And up with the helm and for him we'll steer."

We sailed till we came within gunshot,
Bold Kelly he seemed for to value us not.
With a loud voice like thunder, Kelly did say,
"Load your guns, light your matches, and fire away!"

We engaged with that cutter four hours and more,
Till the blood from our scuppers like water did pour.
With round and grape metal we peppered his hull,
Till down came his mizzenmast, colours, and all.

We towed him in Portsmouth that very same day,
And then on to Newgate sent Kelly away.
Here's a health to our captain and officers too!
Here's a health to Stag frigate and all of her crew!

From Ballads and Sea Songs from Nova Scotia, Mackenzie
Collected from Alexander Harrison.
DT #566
Laws K32
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