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Katy Daley

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Katy Daley

Katy Daley

With her old man, she came from Tenparary
In the pioneer days of forty-two
Her old man was shot in Tombstone City
For the making of his good old mountain dew

CHO: Oh, come on down the mountain, Katy Daley
     Come on down the mountain, Katy do
     Can't you hear us callin', Katy Daley
     We want to drink your good old mountain dew

Wake up and pay attention, Katy Daley
I am the judge that's gonna sentence you
All the boys in court have drunk your whiskey
And, to tell the truth, I drank a little, too

So, to the jail, they took poor Katy Daley
Very soon the gates were open wide
The agents came for poor Katy Daley
They'll take her far across the Great Divide

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