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Just a Few More Days

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Just a Few More Days

Just a Few More Days
     As Done by The Carter Family
     Not so long ago one morning
     C                         G
     Mother called me to her bed

     Then she threw her arms around me
     Listen to the words she said:
         Darling I am going to leave you
             C                         G
             But you'll not be left alone

             Jesus will protect and shield you
                              D7         G
             After he has carried me home.
     Just a few more days of sorrow
     Just a few more days of pain
     Just a few more days of cloud'ness
     Just a few more days of rain
     Then I'm going to live with Jesus
     He has got a home prepared
     Then I'll join the holy angels
     Mother will be waiting there.

     Sometimes I'm sorely tempted
     Sometimes I am sorely tired
     But to overcome I'm trying
     Taking Jesus as my guide
     Oh, sometimes the past seems rugged
     But it only makes me praise
     And I know if I keep trying
     I'll see my mother some sweet day.

Here's another "Mother Song" as done on "Gospel Songs by The
     Carter Family in Texas, Volume 3" and also done by Suzanne
     Thomas of Dry Branch Fire Squad:

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