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Jump Rope Chants

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Jump Rope Chants

Jump Rope Chants

(and other chants to accompany other kid's activities)

I should worry, I should care
I should marry a millionaire.
He should die. I should cry
I should marry another guy.

I should worry, I should fret
I should marry a suffragette.

Marguerite, go wash your feet
The Board of Health is across the street.

I'll never go to Macy's any more, more, more
There's a big fat policeman at the door, door, door
He will grab you by the collar
And he'll make you pay a dollar
So I'll never go to Macy's any more, more, more.

My mother gave me fifty cents
To see the elephant jump the fence.
He jumped so high, he touched the sky
And he never came down 'til the Fourth of July.

Fire! Fire! False alarm!
<your girl's name here> fell into <your boy's name here>'s arms.
How many kisses did she receive?
One, two... (keep counting until you goof up)

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