Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Judgement Day

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Judgement Day

Judgement Day
(Jim Savarino)

On a rainy summer's evening the good Lord called me home,
He said, "Hi come sit beside me,
Lets look at what you've done.
Don't be nervous, have some popcorn,
Relax, kick off your shoes,
Then we'll watch my home movies,
Right after the evening news.
cho: Did you finish the things wanted,
     Did you discover my existence,
     You weren't the smartest man I made,
     But you sure did have persistence.

There's a good one, what were you thinking?
I really like that line,
Were you sober?
What were you drinking?
Or were you like that
All the time?
Here's the best part,
Where you fall down,
Get up and fall again,
Those weren't really,
Such bad ideas,
But your timing was awful my friend.

Chorus.. Did you finish...

It was sweet,
And it was touching,
The love you won and lost,
And the love that you
Gave right back,
Did you know it was
Worth the cost,
If you want you can
Stay with me
Lord knows you paid your dues
But eternity
Is a very long time
So be careful how you choose.


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