Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Jubilee Road

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Jubilee Road

Jubilee Road

cho: Jubilee road I can hear you callin, Jubilee road I can hear you talkin
     Mississippi dream you got me walkin on Jubilee road
     Yesterday's gone don't you understand, cottontop's grown to be a man
     Big city sidewalk covers the sand on Jubilee road

Yesterday calls and my heart goes back,
    Down the Mississippi by the railroad tracks
Where the corn and the taters and the cotton grows on Jubilee
Back home folks used to call me cotton top,
    Catching them catfish and skippin them rocks
Lord I'd give everything I got for Jubilee road

Walking down the street to my fishin hole,
    Hot sand poppin up between my toes
Heaven was a place I used to know as Jubilee road
Grapevine swinging in the summertime,
    laughin and singing with friends of mine
Life was good there all the time,on jubilee road

Now there ain't no cotton and there ain't no corn
    Can't find the place where I was born
Everyones gone that i used to know on Jubilee road;
Workin like a fool for a dollar bill
    I wanna go home but I never will
And in my mind I live there still on Jubilee road

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