Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Jolly Well Drunk

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Jolly Well Drunk

Jolly Well Drunk

Now some folks'll tell you that drinkings a curse,
  Others'll tell you it's quite the reverse,
Some people drink all their days to employ,
  Some drink in haste aye and some drink for joy,
Some drink when they're christened and some when they're wed,
  Some drink your jolly good health when you're dead,
Some drink on all these occasions, like I,
  For I drank at my birth and I'll drink 'til I die.

cho:   And I means to get jolly well drunk, I do,
       I means to get jolly well drunk, I do,
       As long as I'm here, I'll stick to my beer,
       I means to get jolly well drunk, I do.

I'll drink 'til the high price of coal becomes small,
  'Til ale and roast beef they cost nothing at all,
And I'll drink 'til men have no more reason to strike,
  And man values work just as much as he likes,
I'll drink 'til the laws give a man no denial,
  For taking a wife for a month upon trial,
'Til Dukes and the Lords have to sort clean from dirt,
  And the young Prince of Wales has to wash his own shirt.

I'll drink 'til the landlords all choke as they guzzle,
  And I mean to keep drinking 'til Bobbies are muzzled,
'Til dandies are worth nowt but the clothes they put on,
  I'll drink 'til Old Peabody's moneys all gone,
I'll drink 'til the laws of the land are made fair,
  That punish a poor man for killing a hare,
And I'll drink 'til all wealth is shared out among men,
  And I'll drink and I'll drink 'til it's shared out again.

Trad: English
Recording: Harry Boardman
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