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Jolly Miller

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Jolly Miller

Jolly Miller

I am a jolly miller came frae the mill o' Straloch.
And if you do not know me, my name is Willie Sprott;
I play upon the bagpipes wi' mickle mirth and glee
And I care fo' nobody, no not I, and nobody cares fo' me.

First when I came here aboot. I'd too much for to do
Wi' grinding corn and shearing grass, both late an' early too.
But now the harvest's over and I'm in my mill-ee.
And I care for nobody, no not I, and nobody cares fo'me.

Wi' carrying heavy burdens my back's inclined to boo
Wi' carrying heavy burdens, my back's near broke in two
But nature has formed the eemost lip for a pinch of the sneeshin bree
And I care for nobody, no not I, and nobody cares for me.

My mill's got new machinery, it's somewhat strange to me.
It's of a new construction as ever my eyes did see.
Gin I had twa or three roonds o' her and a pinch of the broon Rappee
I'd care for nobody, no not I and nobody'd care for me.

I'm engaged wi' Doctor Ramsey, he's laird owre a' oor land
And when that he does call on me, I am at his command.
Some people say he's quarrelsome, but he never quarrels me.
So I care for nobody, no not I, and nobody cares for me.

Recorded on Folk Songs of Britain 3, Jack of all Trades
Collected from John Stachan of Fyvie
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