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Johnny Sands

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Johnny Sands

Johnny Sands

There was a man named Johnny Sands.
He married a Betsy Hague.
Although she was a lovin' wife,
She proved a terrible plague.

Although she was a lovin' wife,
Full of caprice and whim,
He said that he was tired of life
And she was tired of him.

"I think I'll go down and drown myself;
The river it runs below."
She said, "Pray do, you silly oaf.
I wished it long ago."

"For fear that I the courage lack,
And try to save my life,
You tie my hands behind my back."
"I will," replied his wife.

So she tied his hands behind his back,
And when securely done,
"'Tis I shall stand here on the brink,
And you prepare to run."

So over the hill this lovin' wife
Ran with all her force
To push him in. He stepped aside,
And in she fell in, of course.

Splashin' round just like a fish,
Cried, "Save me, Johnny Sands!"
"I would, my dear, for much I wish,
But you have tied my hands."

(Traditional Appalachian)
DT #344
Laws Q2
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