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Johnny Lovely Johnny

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Johnny, Lovely Johnny

Johnny, Lovely Johnny

The high walls of Derry look so dismal and grey,
And so does lovely Johnny. He is now going away.
He is going to bonny Scotland some sweetheart to see.
May the high powers above send him safe home to me.

Oh, Johnny, lovely Johnny, do you mind the day
When you came to my window to steal me away?
You promised you would marry me up above female kind.
Oh, Johnny, lovely Johnny, what has altered your mind?

Oh, Annie, lovely Annie, it was all but in jest,
For I never intended to make you my best.
I never intended to make you my wife.
Oh, Annie, lovely Annie, all the days of my life.

The first time I met you, 'tis well I do own,
'Twas in my father's garden in the County Tyrone,
With my white apron round us, to shield out the wind.
Oh, Johnny, lovely Johnny, what has altered your mind?

And the next place we sported, 'twas in yonder green grove,
Where the blackberry bushes around us they stood,
Where the oak and the apple around us did twine,
Oh Johnny, lovely Johnny, what has altered your mind?

A bunch of blue ribbons I will tie up and wear,
And a wreath of forget-me-nots I will twine round my hair.
And if ever he returns again, I will greet him with joy,
And I will kiss the lips of my own Johnny boy.

Traditional Irish
Sung by Dolores Keane & John Faulkner on "Broken Hearted I'll Wander," Mulligan
Music, LUN 033, 1979. Also, the "Irish Woman's Songbook," by Carmel O Boyle, con
tains 2 versions.
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