Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Johnny Bucca

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Johnny Bucca

Johnny Bucca

Old Johnny Bucca he lived by himself
As long as he had perfect health.
Then one day he took a wife
To care for him for the rest of his life.

Singing: I do believe, I will believe,
Old Johnny Bucca was a gay old bucca,
And a gay old bucca was he.

Now old Mrs Bucca she had a bad leg,
The doctor ordered her to bed,
Called Johnny in and he says to him,
'You'll Dave to rub your wife's left leg with gin.'

Now old Johnny Bucca thought 'twere a sin,
To rub his wife's left leg with gin.
So he pulled out the stopper
And poured it down his throttle,
Rubbed his wife's left leg with the bottle!

God made bees and bees made honey.
God made man and man made money.
Money made the Devil and the Devil made sin.
We shall have to dig a pit
For to put the bucca in.

Old Johnny Bucca went walking one day.
Down by the river he happened to stray.
Johnny fell in and he started to shout;
There was no bucca there
For to pull the bucca out.

Johnny he died and he went to heaven.
He got there about half past eleven.
St. Peter met him at the gate,
And said 'Johnny Bucca
You're too b... late!'
This song may have come from the old days when the 'bucca' were the little folk
'piskies'as we now call them and gay meant merry.
Of late in Cornwall the letters c and g have become interchangeable!
Cf Johnny Booker & Boker   - Schmoker?

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