Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
John White

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John White

John White

Come all you tender hearted Christians,
Pray give attention while I unfold.
A circumstance to you I'll mention,
Enough to make your blood run cold.

John White was born of Irish parents,
Brought up and reared in the town of Leeds.
When he enlisted there as a soldier,
His mother's heart for him did sorely bleed.

For only striking a colour-sergeant,
He fell a victim, though not in war,
And sentenced was to three hundred lashes.
The bugle-horns did sound alarm.

When this clever young man, all cut and mangled,
Had fell quite lifeless to the ground,
The cries and weeping of all beholders,
Sad grief and anguish they did abound.

The mother weeping, the father distracted
To see their son all cut and scarred,
Each one lamenting and still condoling
The afflicted parents of this bold hussar.

Come, sign and send a long petition
To England's Queen, the crowned head of wars.
Pray never let a gallant soldier
Die like John White of the 7th Hussars.

Collected by the Hammond brothers from Mrs. Russell of Upwey in Dorset, 1907. Pu
blished in Frank Purslow's "The Wanton Seed," 1968.
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