Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
John Hamilton

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John Hamilton

John Hamilton

CHO: He sang, "Tay-i-adelty, tay-i-adelty tum."
     Still he sang, "Eeti-fi-adelty, tay-i-adelty tum."

John Hamilton waged a wager for a hundred guineas and ten,
He would go down London City and never speak aught but sing.

Policemen came running and shouting, "A madman's coming along,
But we shall see who he is and we'll soon put an end to his song."

They took him before the justice to see who he could be.
He sang, "Eeti-fi-adelty." On with his singing went he.

They gave him some pens and paper to see if he would write.
And he sang, "Eeti-fi-adelty," on with his singing all night.

Come running the justice's daughter -- a beautiful woman was she --
Saw John Hamilton singing, and on him she cast her eye.

"Daddy, go open the chamber and let the young gentleman in.
See that you use him genteelly and give him a bottle of wine."

John Hamilton put his hand in his pocket. He made a shilling to fly,
Gave a gold ring to the lady, and on with his singing went he.

John Hamilton won him a wager for a hundred guineas and ten,
Went out with the justice's daughter, and that put an end to his song.

She loved him for crackling his fingers. She loved him for singing a song,
Loved him for "Tay-i-adelty, eeti-fi-adelty tum."

Recorded by Waterson:Carthy on "Waterson:Carthy," 1995.
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