Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
John Bolyn

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John Bolyn

John Bolyn

Bob Pfeffer

SOURCE'S SOURCE: Merle Travis Back Home

Way up in Todd County John Bolyn was born
      C                          D7
His shoes was worn out and his britches was torn
    C                                G7
The end of his nose was touchin' his chin
     C                        G7     C
"Now ain't I a beauty!" says John Bolyn

John Bolyn he had him no shoes for to wear
He took him a sheepskin and made him a pair
With the wooly side out and the smooth side in
"They're cool in the summer," says John Bolyn.

John Bolyn owned nothing except an old horse
He said "What I need is a woman to boss,
To love and obey me through thick and through thin.
I'm goin' a-courtin'," says John Bolyn.

He rode to a house at the east of Provo
Hitched the old horse and he hollered "Hello."
"Come in, John Bolyn, I bid you come in."
"I've come here a-courtin'," says John Bolyn.

"Come in, John Bolyn, you're a most welcome guest.
Take which of my daughters you're likin' the best."
"I'll take one for love and the other for kin,
I'll marry them both," says John Bolyn.

They had a big wedding with plenty to drink
John Bolyn sure had a good time, so I think
He drunk him some cider then wiped off his chin
"I'm feelin' right good," says John Bolyn.

And after the dinner we must have a bed
The floor it was swept and a pallet was spread
The blankets was short, and besides very thin
"Stick close to my back," says John Bolyn.

But his wife's mother said, the very next day
"You'll have to get some other place for to stay.
I can't lie awake while you lay here and snore.
You can't stay here in my house any more."

So John Bolyn moved to an old hollow tree
And there very peaceful and happy was he
Well the wind it did blow and the rain it leaked in
"I'm just like a 'possum," says John Bolyn.

John Bolyn, his wife, and his wife's pap
Started to walk into Cumberland Gap
The bridge it did break, they all three fell in
"I'm the first to the bottom," says John Bolyn.

Note: U.S. variant of Irish Tom Bolynn
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