Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Jimmy and His Own True Love

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Jimmy and His Own True Love

Jimmy and His Own True Love

As Jimmy and his own true love went walking out one day
To view the hills and the valleys, for they were young and gay,
It was in the spring when the birds did sing, and the larks sang loud on high,
It was so sweet and charming to hear their melody.

The very first time she saw her love she called out, "Jimmy, my dear,
I hear you are going to leave me in sorrow to lament."
She hung down her head and her rosy cheeks with many a tear that fell:
"You're bound for the West Indies, dear Jimmy, I fare you well."

"O now, my weeping Annie, why do you so remind?
What makes it run in your fancy that I will never return?
If I were away for seven long years, it's faithful I would be;
I'll never forsake the girl I love while I sail on the sea."

She took the rings from her fingers, and diamonds they were three,
Saying, "Lovely Jimmy, take these while you sail on the sea,
For on the sea there is many a league and many a foaming roar.
You will think of lovely Annie, the girl whom you adore.

"My father and my mother chastising me full sore
For keeping of your company, but I will keep it more.
The chastisement they gave to me will never change my heart,
For I will go and meet you, love, though the night be ever so dark."

"O now, my weeping Annie, I can no longer stay
Our topsails they are hoisted, our anchor waits array."
She hung down her head and her rosy cheeks with many a tear that fell
May the Heavens above protect you, dear Jimmy, I fare you well.

From Ballads and Sea Songs from Nova Scotia, Mackenzie
Collected from Mrs. James Campbell
DT #485
Laws O30
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