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1.  There was a wealthy merchant, in London he did dwell
    He had a lovely daughter, the truth to you I'll tell
    Oh, the truth to you I'll tell.

2.  Her suitors they were plentiful, she courted day and night
    Till all on Jackie Fraser she set her heart's delight.

3.  "I'll lock you in my dungeon, your body I'll confine,
    If none but Jackie Fraser will ever please your mind."

4.  "You may lock me in your dungeon, my heart you can't confine,
    And none but Jackie Fraser will ever please my mind."

5.  When here parents saw him coming, they flew in angry ways
    She gave him forty shillings to bear him far away.

6.  Now Jackie he's gone sailing across the deep blue sea
    Till safely he was landed in the wars of germany.

7.  She's gone down to a tailor shop and dressed in men's array
    And shipped on board a vessel to convey herself away.

8.  "Your waist is light and slender, your fingers are too small,
    Your face it is too tender to face the cannonball."

9.  "I know my waist is slender, my fingers neat and small,
    But I would not change my countenance to see ten thousand fall

10. "Before you go on board, sir, your name I'd like to know."
    She smiled all in her countenance, "They call me Jackaro."

11. And now she's gone a-sailing across the deep blue sea,
    Till safely she was landed in the wars of Germany.

12. She's gone down to the battlefield and viewed it all around
    Till among the dead and wounded, her dying boy she found.

13. She picked him up all in here arms and carried him to the town
    And sent for a physician to quickly heal his wounds.

14. This couple they got married, so well did they agree,
    This couple they got married, so why not you and me?

from the singing of Joan Baez
DT #331
Laws N7
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