Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Jack Sheppard

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Jack Sheppard

Jack Sheppard

Some years ago, perhaps a hundred,
Jack Sheppard lived, the bold and free.
A smarter chap ne'er cracked a crib, sir,
Nor swung upon old Tyburn tree.

Now, William Woods he was Jack's master,
And a carpenter by trade.
He made all sorts of wooden boxes,
And Jack to him was apprentice made.

Then Jack he courted his master's daughter,
But she jilted him, I must confess.
Then Jack he married two wives after,
Emma Maggot and Edgeworth Bess.

One day Jack, being short of money,
He took it in his precious head
All for to rob his late employer
After they had gone to bed.

Now, William Woods slept very soundly,
But Missus Woods did only doze,
And when Jack Sheppard made his entry
Madame Woods kicked off the clothes.

She rose and caught Jack by the breeches,
And Jack he would have gone to prison,
But Mister Blueskin, Jack's accomplice,
Madame Woods cut through the weasand.

Then Jack was taken and put in prison,
In irons strong he was bound down,
But Jack he swore he'd break his fetters
If they weighed a thousand pound.

His wife went to him in the prison,
Which circumstance to him did please;
And to escape out of the window
He tore the tail off her chemise.

Now three times he was put in prison,
For three times he had got away.
He being tired of escaping,
They hung him up on a summer's day.

note: I like that last verse RG

From Ballads and Sea Songs from Nova Scotia, Mackenzie
Collected from Richard Hines
DT #568
Laws L6
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