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It Rained a Mist

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It Rained a Mist

It Rained a Mist

It rained a mist, it rained a mist
It rained all over the town, town, town.
It rained all over the town.

And all the boys went out to play.
A-tossing their ball around, round, round,
A-tossing their ball around.

At first they tossed their ball too low,
And then they tossed it to high, high, high,
And then they tossed it too high.

They tossed it into a lady's garden
Where roses and lilies lie, lie, lie,
Where roses and lilies lie.

From "American Folk Songs for Children," by Ruth Crawford Seeger. This appears
to be a bowdlerized version of Child #113, "The Jew's Daughter,"known in the
United States as "The Fatal Flower Garden."

Child #155
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