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Isnt It Queer How Some Women Drink Beer

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Isn't It Queer How Some Women Drink Beer?

Isn't It Queer How Some Women Drink Beer?

CHO: Isn't it queer how some women drink beer?
     They drink and they drink and get tight,
     And the new license plan, well, it ain't worth a damn,
     In Soho on Saturday night.

They tell me in Soho on Saturday night,
Most everyone that you meet they are tight,
The men with their bottles and their wives with a can,
And the young girls go browsing the streets like a man.
One woman I met, she got soaking wet,
She fell in the sewer and got soaking wet.

They all toss their drinks. Carnegie does the same.
As soon as you can drink 'em down, a round of drinks they came.
Oliver, he got blind drunk. Carnegie couldn't see.
Frick was bad, but Mellon was a damn site worse than me.

[From the singing of Vivian Richman of Pittsburgh.]
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