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In the Pit From Sin Set Free

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In the Pit From Sin Set Free

In the Pit From Sin Set Free

In the pit from sin set free, sudden death would glory be.
That is why we sing with glee, "Jesus saves."
We black diamonds for them get, though they cause us all to sweat.
There's salvation for them yet. Jesus saves.

Cho: Jesus saves. Jesus saves. Jesus saves. Jesus saves.
     From the fear of pit explosion, Jesus saves.
     When our work on earth is done and our race on earth is run,
     We'll go singing round the throne, "Jesus saves."

In spite of all their rubs, and the deputy who snubs,
As we wait for empty tubs, Jesus saves.
Whether the coal be soft or hard, working by the hour or yard,
Perfect peace is our reward. Jesus saves.

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