Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
I Lost My Wife on a Setterday Nicht

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I Lost My Wife on a Setterday Nicht

I Lost My Wife on a Setterday Nicht

I lost my wife on Setterday nicht,
And cudna tell far to find her;
Up in the mune, sellin' shune,
A penny the piece, they're a' dune.

I lost ma wife on Setterday nicht,
And didna ken far to find her;
Ahint the pump I garred her jump;
Tally ho, the grinder!

On Saturday night I lost my wife,
Guess you where I found her:
Up in the moon, singing a tune,
And all the stars around her.

     (1) Rymour Club Misc. I (1906-11), 94 (in 4 lines) [SC
     (1948), 160 (no. 295)], from Angus.
     (2) Maclagan GDA (1901), 200, with a Gaelic translation
     (to its own tune):
Oidhche Disathurna chail mi mo bhean;

Tomhais cait' an d'thuair mi i?

Shuas aig a ghealaich 's i gabhail fonn beag

'S na h-uile reult mu'n cuairt dhi.

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