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 As we gather in the chapel here in old Kilmainham Jail
 I think about these past few weeks, oh will they say we've failed
 From our schooldays they have told us we must yearn for liberty
 Yet all I want in this dark place is to have you here with me.

 Cho: Oh Grace just hold me in your arms ad let this moment linger
     They'll take me out at dawn and I will die
     With all my love I place this wedding ring upon your finger
     There won't be time to share our love for we must say goodbye.

 Now I know it's hard for you my love to ever understand
 The love I bear for these brave men, my love for this dear land
 But when the Padhraic called me to his side down in the GPO
 I had to leave my own sick bed, to him I had to go


 Now as dawn is breaking, my heart is breaking too,
 On this May morn as I walk out my thoughts well be of you
 And I'll write some words upon the wall so everyone will know
 I love so much that I could see his blood upon the rose.

 If ever you have a trip to Dublin, visit Kilmainham Jail and do the tour.
 You'll learn the story of this lovely song. Joseph Plunkett was arrested for
 taking part in the Easter rising in Dudlin 1916. On May 3rd in the evening
 he was allowed to marry Grace Gifford in the prison chapel. The couple
 were then separated. Next morning she was summoned to say goodbye to
 her husband of a few hours. They spoke for about ten minutes and then
 Joseph was executed. (shot)
 The line that says " I had to leave my own sick bed" refers to the fact that
 Joseph was suffering from TB at the time.
 The last verse mentions the blood upon the rose which was the title of a
 poem by Joseph which was taught in Irish Schools according to my mother!
 The blood upon the rose is a reference to Christ's blood.

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