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Good Old Jeff

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Good Old Jeff

Good Old Jeff

"Tis just a year ago today that I remember well
I sat down by poor Nelly's side and a story she did tell
"Twas about a poor old darkey Jeff, that lived for many a year
But now he's dead and in his grave, no trouble does he fear

  For good old Jeff had gone to rest
  We know that he is free
  Disturb him not, but let him rest
  Way down in Tennessee

She took my arm, we walked along into an open field
And then she paused to breathe a while, then to his grave did
She sat down by that little mound and softly whispered there
"Come to me, Father, 'tis thy child," and gently dropped a tear

But since that time, how things are changed, poor Nell that was
  my bride
Is laid beneath the cold clay sod, down by her father's side
I planted there upon her grave a weeping willow tree
I bathed its roots with many a tear that it might shelter me
I knew a cheery child's song based on the chorus:

  The poor old slave had gone to rest
  I know that he is free
  His bones they lie, disturb them neigh
  Way down in Tennessee

This then got increasingly decorated as:
  The poor, poor old slave, slave has gone, gone to rest, rest..
  The pop poor old slop slave has gop gone to rop rest...
  The piggily poor old sliggily slave has giggily gone...
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